A few weeks ago, On the Pulse provided an article about the new procedure to renew British passports online. There were many comments about how expensive a new passport is for expatriates that live overseas. Well, it is possible that this was the overwhelming sentiment for the thousands of ex British citizens that are now spread out across the globe and this generated numerous complaints.

And, it seems that the British Government has responded by announcing a passport fee reduction for UK citizens overseas.

James Brokenshire, the UK Immigration and Security Minister said in a ministerial statement last week that British passport fees for overseas residents will be reduced by 35% from 7 April 2014.

In concrete, this means that the price of a new passport for customers living abroad will now stand at the following:

  • Adult 32-page passport: £83
  • Child 32-page passport: £53
  • Jumbo 48-page passport: £91 (child and adult)

With these new prices savings of £45 and £28.50 will be made.

The minister claimed that the Government has been able to make these reductions due to efficiency savings made over the past three years, which is when issuing and processing passports returned to being carried out in the UK.

This reduction has come about after a £5 reduction in passport fees for UK citizens living within the UK.

The new fees for overseas applications remain marginally higher than the equivalent fees for UK-based applicants because on average overseas applications take longer – and therefore cost slightly more – to process. This is because it is often less straightforward to establish whether or not an overseas applicant is entitled to a UK passport. Overseas customers will also continue to pay a courier charge in addition to the passport fee.

Source: www.gov.uk