The cooking social network site with the largest number of followers in the world was established in Alicante in 2007 – the same year that Facebook was launched.

It contains thousands of homemade recipes written by real people that have prepared the dishes and want to share their creations with other cooking aficionados.


Cookpad en español ( has just celebrated publishing 100,000 recipes in Spanish, which have been shared by thousands of Spanish-speaking people across the globe.

The first recipe to be uploaded onto the site almost ten years ago is one for “tortilla de patatas” or Spanish omelette, and the creators of the site never imagined for one minute how successful their page would be after that point.

In its first year, a total of 1,000 recipes had been uploaded and shared, and this grew to 35,000 by 2012.

The Facebook page for Cookpad en español ( has more than 1 million followers and half a million on Twitter.

The pleasure of sharing cooking tips and recipes has meant that people all over the planet are communicating. The most active countries on the site in order of importance are Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela and the United States.

More than 6,000 users have shared their recipes, and in return received in excess of 14,000 photos from people that have prepared their dishes in their own home.

The most popular recipe is one for “alfajores”, a traditional biscuit/pastry from Argentina. More than 6 million people have looked at this recipe since it was shared in 2008.

And, just for this year, Mexican resident María Carmen Comenares is the most prolific author, having already shared more than 300 recipes – that’s an average of almost two a day.

As you can imagine, the site has more female users than male, with a ratio of 74% against 26%, although the number of men registering with Cookpad is growing every day.

And the largest age group of users is possibly surprisingly those between 25 and 34 years old, followed by people aged between 35 and 44.

If you’ve never heard of the site and you’re interested in preparing more Spanish or Latin American dishes at home, register with Cookpad or check out their Facebook page. I’ll definitely be trying some of the recipes on there as they look and sound fantastic.