Are you always in your kitchen at parties? You probably are if you’re the host, but even if you’re not, kitchens do have a kind of lure to them. They’re usually warm, are full of good smells and if you happen to get a little bored there’s food and drink on hand without you having to make your way through crowds of people to get it.

But is your kitchen one where people want to congregate, or is it one they avoid? A kitchen can be a great place to chat and linger over food and drink, it can also be a total embarrassment. Like the bathroom, it’s one of those rooms in the house that you can be judged on. A quick scan of someone’s kitchen and we can feel we know a lot about them.

Do they do the washing up as they go or is it left to accumulate? Does the food in the fridge demonstrate concern for a healthy diet or is it a collection of fast food containers? Most of all perhaps, does the kitchen look loved?

Most people don’t expect to see an immaculate kitchen, that just suggests you don’t cook in it. However, you do want to see one that’s been fitted for purpose and looks like someone does care about it. A shabby kitchen does not give a good impression.

Over time kitchens deteriorate and it’s not always noticed. We become comfortable with our surroundings and don’t necessarily see them as others do. However, if you take a long, hard look and try to see it afresh – what impression does your kitchen really create and are you happy with it?

If not, you might be unclear what you should do. It’s not easy finding the right services in a country where you’re not fluent in the language. It can be difficult to know where to start and who to trust. Difficulties with communication can narrow your options and it’s all too easy to resort to the default and leave your kitchen as it is. But now, there is an alternative.


The Easy Spain option

Easy Spain are offering a new kitchen package that will be hard to beat and that you can trust. For just €1,299 you can have a brand-new, quality kitchen fitted according to your wishes. This price covers all costs, including transport, assembly and IVA (VAT).

Our professional kitchen fitters will discuss with you the space you have and what you’ve got in mind. You can visit their showroom to see the options available and listen to their professional advice.

Their kitchens are made in Spain and are obtained straight from the manufacturer. This removes those people in the middle who usually want a cut of the proceeds. Consequently they can offer these kitchens at 30% to 40% of their usual market price.

It’s not just the price that makes these kitchens an exciting find. Installation really couldn’t be easier. Transport and assembly are all included in the price. Let Easy Spain know what you have in mind and they will take the measurements, present their plan and if you are happy, the rest is down to them. They’ll even clean up after themselves.

All in all, we think this is the perfect solution to transforming a dowdy kitchen into something to be proud of, and one that will say all the right things about you.

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