Whether you are a resident in Spain or a non-resident living abroad, chances are that there will be times when you have to leave your house empty. Having invested so much money and energy in the process of buying and equipping your home you now want to protect it. But how can you best do that from a distance?

Most people turn to security alarms as one way of protecting their property when they are not there. However, the question then arises what happens if the alarm does go off? Will anyone respond? Just having an alarm in place will not quell you’re worries about the security of your property.

Some alarm systems lead to so many false alarms that neighbours become oblivious to the sound and irritated rather than concerned when the alarm goes off. Simply sounding out is no longer effective in the current climate and there are other alternatives.

Immediate response

With our recommendations for home alarms, you needn’t worry that no one will respond. The security firm are immediately sent a series of photo shots of your property if the alarm goes off. They will be able to see straight away if there is an intruder or not.

If there is any concern about the possibility of a break in, they will contact the police and mobilise their own security guards. The security firm that we recommend have 700 private security guards and one of these will attend your property along with the police and ensure that any damage that’s been done is rectified.

It’s not only inside your property that an intruder or potential intruder might be identified. Sensors external to your house are able to pick up through vibration the breaking of a window or the opening of doors and windows, possibly averting a break in, in its very early stages.

Video control

Video control as part of your security system means you can keep in contact with your Spanish property via your Smartphone. This option allows you to see inside your property in real time and with high definition. A small portable camera positioned in your home will give you insight into what’s happening there at any time of the day or night. Meaning you stay in control.

For example, you can activate and disconnect your alarm whenever you like and don’t just have to be contented with the settings you put in place when leaving your property. The camera will continue to function whether the alarm is on or not meaning it could be used for surveillance if necessary.

Smart keys

You will also be given a number of ‘smart’ keys which can be used not only by yourself but other members of your family or those who need to access the property for building work or cleaning. When these keys are used you will know, enabling you to keep even better informed about what is happening with your property. If, for some reason a key has got into the wrong hands you can block it too.

With this combination of video control facility, sensors and smart keys, your home is as safe as it can possibly be when you’re not there. A fact that will give you the reassurance you need to relax and enjoy your Spanish home to the full.

High security service for your home in Spain