We’re all guilty of thinking that we have to go further afield to have a great day out. When, in reality, there are many fabulous places to visit that are often much closer to home than we may have thought possible.

So, if you love being outdoors, close to nature and would like to experience something a bit different this summer, maybe one or more of these five reservoirs might tick all the boxes for your perfect day out.

They are all in the province of Alicante and are ideal locations for you to relax and enjoy stunning sights while breathing in pure and fresh country air.


Embalse de Elche

According to a number of studies, Elche Reservoir, which was built in 1632 on the Vinalopó River, is considered the first arched dam in Europe (built by the Romans).


Embalse de Tibi

This is considered the oldest dam still in operation in Europe, and it is suggested this may also be true for the whole world. Construction of this dam started during the reign of Philip II in as far back as 1580 on the river Monnegre. It is classed as a monument of cultural interest.


Embalse de Elda

The Embalse de Elda is a very old reservoir but is much less visited than some of the others. It no longer operates and was built on the riverbed of the Vinalopó in 1698. Worth a visit for its rich vegetation, predominantly of tamarisk.


Embalse de Guadalest

This is a must for nature lovers. This dam is situated in a picturesque landscape that can even be covered in snow in winter. The construction of this very important dam of the province started in 1953 in order to control the flow of the Guadalest river which runs into the larger Algar River. This is one of the province’s most popular tourist sites and gets very busy especially during the summer.


Embalse de Amadorio

This is a well situated reservoir between Villajoyosa and Orxeta, very close to the sea. You can observe the typical Mediterranean flora and a great diversity of wildlife, especially birds. You can even take your fishing tackle and buy a special ticket that allows you to go fishing in an area allocated for this sport.

No doubt there are many more stunning reservoirs in the area, such as the Embalse de La Pedrera with its intense turquoise colour located close to San Miguel de Salinas.

So, if you’re stuck for a different day out in nature, you may find a beautiful calm reservoir close to you!