Choosing a Project Adviser

Have you thought about buying your own plot of land in Spain? Rather than selecting from an existing property, be it resale or new build, some people choose to start from scratch. It’s an exciting proposition. You choose your area, your land and the design of the property.

It’s easier than you might think. Spain is lucky to have plenty of available land on which to build and people with which to build it. However, you do need to be selective and it is important that you have plans in place for how to carry out your wishes safely. This guide aims to provide a step-by-step accessible account of just how you can do that.

It’s arranged into four sections:

  1. Getting the right advice
  2. Different types of land in Spain
  3. Choosing where to buy
  4. Purchasing your plot

It concludes with some checklists to help you navigate the process. Buying land and building your own property in Spain is an exciting opportunity, with the right help.

Getting the right advice

When you read this guide you might feel that there are lots of tasks to do and people to hire. You would be correct. However, the good news is that you can contract someone to do all this for you. It is essential that you have professionals on your side to ensure that everything is carried out correctly.

Your representative

A Project Advisor can be appointed to take care of matters for you. They are your representative and act only your behalf throughout the buying process. They can negotiate and liaise with other professionals to ensure that your project is achieved. They must be tough in promoting your interests but also ready to point out the problems and make them clear to you when necessary. Providing good advice may sometimes mean telling you things you’d rather not hear.

Whoever you choose must speak your own language fluently and be accessible for you at each stage of the process. They must be independent and able to demonstrate experience in and knowledge of the building industry in Spain.

The professionals

prohject-advisor-checklistYour Project Advisor will help you:

  1. Choose the area where you would like to build
  2. Find the land that meets your needs
  3. Buy the land and prepare it for building
  4. Design the house of your dreams with advice from architects you can trust
  5. Choose a builder with extensive experience and the best reputation
  6. Obtain the finance that you need
  7. Ensure full legal compliance using a firm of solicitors with an excellent reputation

You should feel reassured that each professional is working independently. A good Project Advisor will ensure that each person has your interests as central to their actions and recommendations.

Methods of working

It is a good idea in the early stages to establish the methods of communication and systems you will use to ensure that your Project Advisor is able to keep you informed during the purchasing and building process.

It is always useful to get conversations confirmed in writing with the key points highlighted. This can then be used as a paper trail to check who said they would do what and when.

This an extract of our complete guide to Guide to buying land for building in Spain that you can find here.