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Organising your own property tour? What a hassle!

That was the verdict when I met Stephanie and Greg Brown. Stephanie and Greg had long been planning their retirement in Spain but there were a few last minute surprises that meant they didn’t have much time to arrange their trip out there to find their ideal property. ‘We suddenly had a brilliant offer on [...]

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Five decisions before buying a property in Spain

Perhaps it should be six decisions, as your very first one has already been taken; that of buying a property in Spain. When it comes to choosing the property to buy, you can be truly spoilt for choice at the moment with house prices at their lowest level since the early 2000s and so much [...]

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Torrevieja Established as One of the Valencia Region’s Main Investment Destinations

Torrevieja has become established as one of the main areas within the Valencia Region where money is being poured into the building and property sector. Francisco Moreno, the councillor for Urban Planning in Torrevieja, has announced that statistics from the first quarter of 2014 show a considerable rise in the number of licences and real [...]

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Queues to Buy Property in Madrid and Barcelona

The state of the real-estate sector is not equal across the country. While some areas are deserted with barely a property purchaser in sight, in others prospective buyers are clamouring to get a look in at what’s on offer. Some areas have thousands of empty properties for sale, and finding an empty house or apartment [...]

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Spain Third European Country to Exceed 6 Billion Euro in Property Sales

Property investors, and investors of all kinds, in fact, have had their eye on Spanish real estate for some time now. So much so that during the first 6 months of this year, they have invested a total of 6 billion euro into distressed properties in this country. According to the report by Cushman & [...]

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Foreign Non Resident Property Buyers Prefer Alicante

Spain is one of the most popular countries in which foreigners from all over the world come to settle down and make a new life for themselves. Obviously, some areas are more popular than others for whatever reasons. Students and young people generally tend to locate to the big cities or the Islands, whilst those that come [...]

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More Spaniards Have Holiday Homes than Almost Every Other European Nation

It’s possibly slightly ironic that with so many people losing their homes in Spain, a recent study carried out by the European Central Bank has revealed that the Spanish own more second homes than practically every other European nation. In actual fact, 36.2% of the Spanish population has a second residence and are only surpassed [...]

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House Prices Are Still Falling, But Not as Fast as Before

Property values in Spain are still sliding downwards, yet statistics for the third quarter (July to September) published by the Ministry of Public Works show that they have only dropped by 4.5% in the last 12 months. This is 3.3% less than the annual rate for the second quarter when they were reduced by 7.8% from the [...]

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