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Are You Watching Your Electricity Consumption This Summer?

Did you know that the cost of electricity in Spain went up by a further 8% in July? Personally, I can’t keep up with its meanderings, but what I do know is that the Government’s energy reform has not really been a success. Despite reassurances from the government team that after the reform, electricity prices [...]

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Rental Prices Increase for First Time in 12 Quarters

The average price of renting a property in Spain rose by 1.5% during the second quarter of this year, according to a study carried out by Fotocasa and the IESE Business School. This is the first time that the cost to rent a home has gone up in the last 12 quarters, or 3 years. [...]

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End of the Electricity Price Hike Nightmare?

We thought that with the regulation of the energy sector and a new system being put in place after the Government stepped in that, that would be the end of our electricity bill increase nightmares and the service would resume some kind of normality. That’s what we were led to believe, but that quite possibly [...]

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Net Closes in on Illegal Tourist Apartment Rentals

If you have ever visited Spain on holiday and stayed in an apartment for the duration of your vacation, it is possible that you have been put up in an illegal tourist apartment. It has been estimated that there are currently half a million of these apartments that are rented out temporarily to tourists when [...]

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New Spanish Traffic Law in Force with Tougher Sanctions

Were you aware that the driving regulations for motorists and cyclists changed last Friday? There are a number of new laws that you all need to know about particularly if you travel about by car or on two wheels. Sanctions are tougher, but it is easier to pay them (if that’s any consolation). Here are [...]

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All New Cars to Be Fitted with Emergency Call System by 2015

An EU initiative has been put in place which aims to ensure that all new cars built within the European Union are fitted with an eCall tracking and emergency call device by October next year. The way in which the eCall system works is that if the vehicle has a serious accident or collision anywhere [...]

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Water Company Aguagest Levante Changes its Name

The water company Aguagest Levante, which covers the region of Valencia, has changed its name to Hidraqua. If you live in this region and receive a bill with the name of the new company, do not be alarmed or worried. Everything will remain exactly the same as before, and the new company is just as committed [...]

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Where’s Cheap and Where’s Not to Rent

Property experts Fotocasa have published a report on the rental situation in Spain for 2013. They have calculated that the amount of money owners can charge to rent out their property has dropped in 96% of Spanish municipalities. In fact, rental prices have only increased in 7 municipalities and remained the same in two when compared to [...]

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Interpreters and translations must be provided in all criminal proceedings says EU

All member states have been given three years, instead of the normal two, to organise and get everything in place so that the new EU directive for the right to translation and interpretation in criminal proceedings can be executed correctly and run smoothly from the very first day of its implementation. Member states were given [...]

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Energy Companies Suspected of Fixing Electricity Prices after an 11% Hike Is Announced

The Government is demanding that a full investigation is carried out to determine whether electricity companies have colluded together to fix prices and raise the cost of electricity. This is after the quarterly wholesale auction saw the price of electricity increase by a massive 26.5%, which translates to an 11% rise in our electricity bills [...]

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