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A little refurbishment

Choosing 2008 to move to live in Spain must go down as one of our most badly timed decisions. After years of growth, rising house prices and blossoming work opportunities, the doors were finely closing for those keen to start another life abroad. Of course, it wasn’t only Spain that suffered during these years. The [...]

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Getting your gas checked by the right people

It sometimes doesn’t take much for us to be convinced that someone is ‘official’. For example, how many of us actually check the identity of a police officer? If they turn up in the right uniform, with the right car, you are bound to think that it’s the policia local on your doorstep. It can [...]

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Laptop, mobile and broadband – will travel

How long is your commute to work? Thirty minutes, an hour, two hours? The travel time for many people has gradually increased over the years. Particularly for those who work in London and need somewhere affordable to live. But what about having a four or five hour journey that includes a flight? Believe it or [...]

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What does your kitchen say about you?

Are you always in your kitchen at parties? You probably are if you’re the host, but even if you’re not, kitchens do have a kind of lure to them. They’re usually warm, are full of good smells and if you happen to get a little bored there’s food and drink on hand without you having [...]

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Keeping your home safe

Whether you are a resident in Spain or a non-resident living abroad, chances are that there will be times when you have to leave your house empty. Having invested so much money and energy in the process of buying and equipping your home you now want to protect it. But how can you best do [...]

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Daily Internet

It can be a bit of a dilemma.  You’re in your holiday home for perhaps a few weeks or maybe months every year but you don’t live there permanently. You want to use the internet, but not 365 days a year. We think we’ve got the solution for you. It can be difficult to resolve. [...]

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Your own car in Spain

Have you thought about having your own car in Spain? There could be advantages for you. We outline what you should consider when making your transport arrangements. Once you have your property in Spain, you want to make the most of it. That means spending as much of your holiday time out here as you [...]

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Knowing your App from your IP

Has technology left you behind or have you already got your Apple Watch on order? In this blog, Easy Spain considers how technology can help you make the most of your property in Spain and provides a glossary to help you use it.   At one time, if you had a house in Spain when [...]

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Finding your way round Spanish TV

If you want to improve your level of fluency in Spanish, watching Spanish television is a very good way of going about it. With the visual element to help you and the possibility of subtitles to assist, it can be a good stepping stone to fluency. And, of course, you get to find out what’s [...]

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Car hire in Spain 

What is important for you when it comes to care hire in Spain? Is the size, model and comfort of the car paramount, the ease of collection or the price the ruling factor? People differ in their preferences. There are those who would travel miles and back to pick up the cheapest car hire and [...]

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