Spain is good for your health

Why do people emigrate to Spain? Most people mention the weather, closely followed by good food and quality of life. The sun shining makes everyone feel better and more fresh air and a relaxed lifestyle definitely contribute to a sense of wellbeing. The Mediterranean diet has been well-documented over the years as having nutritional benefits. [...]

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Enjoying Christmas in Spain

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to Christmas? In many countries, Christmas has become a hurdle to overcome rather than a celebration to enjoy. Starting in October, the hype begins with shops decorated from top to tail in tinsel and long, sickly TV adverts pulling at your heart strings. If you are [...]

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Act like a digital native in Spain

My son asked me recently, ‘How did you ever make arrangements with your friends when you were young without mobile messaging?’ It took me some time to think, given that we are talking a number of years ago. However, it was quite simple. You made arrangements before you went home for the next time you’d [...]

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How to complain in Spain

  Hopefully you will never have need to. However, chances are that at some point during your time in Spain you will be unhappy with some aspect of service, some goods you have bought or perhaps will be at the receiving end of a criminal offence. The good news is that the routes for complaint [...]

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How to behave in Spain

How to behave in Spain ‘Behave yourself’, ‘he just doesn’t know how to behave’, ‘what kind of behaviour do you call that?’. We’ve probably seen a fair share of erratic behaviour from children (and adults) during the barmy summer season. The heat combined with alcohol can make even a normally well-behaved individual qualify for an [...]

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Gota fria and the rain in Spain

Spain cannot be said to be a country of moderation.  Most things are done larger than life. Perhaps the level to which the Spanish seem to embrace life itself reflects the extremes of its climate. The summer heat can be unforgiving. The summer is harsh here, even though it’s enjoyed by those escaping the less [...]

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The 10 Most Common Tourist Cons to Watch Out For

Whenever you go on holiday abroad, it’s always best to keep your wits about you and try to ensure that you don’t fall for any of the common ways in which tourists are often ‘taken for a ride’. Getting caught out by one canny opportunist could be an incredibly costly mistake, and could even end [...]

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Which Airlines Offer the Cheapest Tickets to Fly from Spain?

Most people, particularly regular air travellers that like to save a few euro, will opt for a low-cost airline when it comes to flying out of the country, or even around it. This is usually the cheapest option available. Flight finder has carried out a study to find out which airline is regularly the [...]

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New Passport Fees Announced for UK Citizens Living Abroad

A few weeks ago, On the Pulse provided an article about the new procedure to renew British passports online. There were many comments about how expensive a new passport is for expatriates that live overseas. Well, it is possible that this was the overwhelming sentiment for the thousands of ex British citizens that are now [...]

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Spain, the Fifth Best Country in which to Retire

According to a poll published in the American business and finance magazine Forbes, Spain has been voted the fifth best country in which to retire. Spain’s climate, the Mediterranean diet, the quality of its health system, the lifestyle and cost of living are what interviewees highlighted as the reasons for their choice. Those surveyed were predominantly American and [...]

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