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Neighbours Have Final Say in Property Rental to Tourists in Mallorca

If you own any type of property in Mallorca and want to rent it out to tourists and holidaymakers at any period during the year, it’s going to be tough from now on. The regional government has prepared a draft law on the subject which forms part of the Tourist Law, which governs this type [...]

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The 10 Most Common Tourist Cons to Watch Out For

Whenever you go on holiday abroad, it’s always best to keep your wits about you and try to ensure that you don’t fall for any of the common ways in which tourists are often ‘taken for a ride’. Getting caught out by one canny opportunist could be an incredibly costly mistake, and could even end [...]

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Are You Watching Your Electricity Consumption This Summer?

Did you know that the cost of electricity in Spain went up by a further 8% in July? Personally, I can’t keep up with its meanderings, but what I do know is that the Government’s energy reform has not really been a success. Despite reassurances from the government team that after the reform, electricity prices [...]

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Rental Prices Increase for First Time in 12 Quarters

The average price of renting a property in Spain rose by 1.5% during the second quarter of this year, according to a study carried out by Fotocasa and the IESE Business School. This is the first time that the cost to rent a home has gone up in the last 12 quarters, or 3 years. [...]

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Spain Third European Country to Exceed 6 Billion Euro in Property Sales

Property investors, and investors of all kinds, in fact, have had their eye on Spanish real estate for some time now. So much so that during the first 6 months of this year, they have invested a total of 6 billion euro into distressed properties in this country. According to the report by Cushman & [...]

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End of the Electricity Price Hike Nightmare?

We thought that with the regulation of the energy sector and a new system being put in place after the Government stepped in that, that would be the end of our electricity bill increase nightmares and the service would resume some kind of normality. That’s what we were led to believe, but that quite possibly [...]

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Which Airlines Offer the Cheapest Tickets to Fly from Spain?

Most people, particularly regular air travellers that like to save a few euro, will opt for a low-cost airline when it comes to flying out of the country, or even around it. This is usually the cheapest option available. Flight finder Trabber.es has carried out a study to find out which airline is regularly the [...]

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Net Closes in on Illegal Tourist Apartment Rentals

If you have ever visited Spain on holiday and stayed in an apartment for the duration of your vacation, it is possible that you have been put up in an illegal tourist apartment. It has been estimated that there are currently half a million of these apartments that are rented out temporarily to tourists when [...]

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New Spanish Traffic Law in Force with Tougher Sanctions

Were you aware that the driving regulations for motorists and cyclists changed last Friday? There are a number of new laws that you all need to know about particularly if you travel about by car or on two wheels. Sanctions are tougher, but it is easier to pay them (if that’s any consolation). Here are [...]

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New Passport Fees Announced for UK Citizens Living Abroad

A few weeks ago, On the Pulse provided an article about the new procedure to renew British passports online. There were many comments about how expensive a new passport is for expatriates that live overseas. Well, it is possible that this was the overwhelming sentiment for the thousands of ex British citizens that are now [...]

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