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A little refurbishment

Choosing 2008 to move to live in Spain must go down as one of our most badly timed decisions. After years of growth, rising house prices and blossoming work opportunities, the doors were finely closing for those keen to start another life abroad. Of course, it wasn’t only Spain that suffered during these years. The [...]

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Getting your gas checked by the right people

It sometimes doesn’t take much for us to be convinced that someone is ‘official’. For example, how many of us actually check the identity of a police officer? If they turn up in the right uniform, with the right car, you are bound to think that it’s the policia local on your doorstep. It can [...]

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Are your pipes in order?

Burst water pipes are a winter-hazard in northern Europe.  But surely we shouldn’t be troubled with the prospect of burst pipes in the heat and humidity of Spain?  This is a cautionary story of leaks and floods with not a drop of water in sight. If you have a leak you expect to see some [...]

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Do you need a non-resident certificate?

Most people are familiar with the resident certificate. It makes sense if you live in a country to have a certificate that registers the fact. However, many non-residents are not aware that a non-resident certificate exists or why they might need to have one. The non-resident bank account If you have a financial interest in [...]

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Organising your own property tour? What a hassle!

That was the verdict when I met Stephanie and Greg Brown. Stephanie and Greg had long been planning their retirement in Spain but there were a few last minute surprises that meant they didn’t have much time to arrange their trip out there to find their ideal property. ‘We suddenly had a brilliant offer on [...]

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Five decisions before buying a property in Spain

Perhaps it should be six decisions, as your very first one has already been taken; that of buying a property in Spain. When it comes to choosing the property to buy, you can be truly spoilt for choice at the moment with house prices at their lowest level since the early 2000s and so much [...]

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Torrevieja Established as One of the Valencia Region’s Main Investment Destinations

Torrevieja has become established as one of the main areas within the Valencia Region where money is being poured into the building and property sector. Francisco Moreno, the councillor for Urban Planning in Torrevieja, has announced that statistics from the first quarter of 2014 show a considerable rise in the number of licences and real [...]

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Laptop, mobile and broadband – will travel

How long is your commute to work? Thirty minutes, an hour, two hours? The travel time for many people has gradually increased over the years. Particularly for those who work in London and need somewhere affordable to live. But what about having a four or five hour journey that includes a flight? Believe it or [...]

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What does your kitchen say about you?

Are you always in your kitchen at parties? You probably are if you’re the host, but even if you’re not, kitchens do have a kind of lure to them. They’re usually warm, are full of good smells and if you happen to get a little bored there’s food and drink on hand without you having [...]

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Are you suffering from the Spanish Plume?

It’s been hot across Europe recently. Of course, in Spain we’re used to it. But even here the temperatures have been pushing our limits of tolerance and the capacity of air conditioning systems too. Now we’re not only responsible for our own Spanish weather, we’re being held responsible for that in the UK too. The [...]

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