EasySpain is an independent home project developer.

We have more than 15 years experience in the property sector and now focus on providing advice for those interested in purchasing land in Spain on which to build their own home.

We help you to build the house of your dreams.

Our commitment to you

Our status as totally independent advisors means our clients can be confident that we always act in their best interests and that any collaborator we recommend abides by our own code of conduct

Our code of conduct

We have established a clear code that defines how we conduct our business and support our clients.

We guarantee to our clients that we will:

  • Make their interests our priority at all times
  • Keep to times, deadlines and agreed procedures and ensure that the customer is informed at every stage
  • Apply the highest level of customer care
  • Maintain a highly professional approach to all aspects of our work
  • Ensure a high level of professional development to keep up-to-date with all the latest legislation and information
  • Ensure effective communication between departments and the client
This code has been agreed amongst all members of staff at EasySpain

Code of conduct for collaborators

EasySpain works in close collaboration with architects, builders and solicitors. We have high expectations of them too.

We guarantee that our collaborators:

  • Maintain the same high standards as we do in our code of conduct
  • Provide excellent customer services
  • Have proved themselves through longevity of service
  • Have a reputation for integrity, professionalism and high quality

In order to ensure that collaborators meet these requirements we:

  • Take up references
  • Visit premises
  • Inspect completed projects
  • Check credentials, including membership of organisations

We know that you will judge EasySpain not only on the behaviour and actions of our own staff but on everyone we work with.

From start to finish

Buying land in Spain and building your own home requires a level of knowledge out of reach of most individuals.

Our service ensures that every stage of your project is well-managed, that you are kept informed and achieve the outcome you were hoping for.

In order to do this we help you:

  • Choose the area where you would like to build
  • Find the land that meets your needs
  • Buy the land and prepare it for building
  • Design the house of your dreams with advice from architects you can trust
  • Choose a builder with extensive experience and the best reputation
  • Obtain the finance that you need
  • Ensure full legal compliance using a firm of solicitors with an excellent reputation

Throughout the process our priority is to keep you informed and make sure that the process runs smoothly according to your wishes.

Our aim is to achieve the best outcomes for you and as such we will always ensure that we give clear and unbiased advice to help you make your decisions.

Our team

EasySpain comprises of nine people who are experts in their field and are professionally qualified. They are focused on ensuring that clients receive the best advice and information in their own language.

We have native speakers of English, Dutch and Spanish so you can be sure that nothing will get lost in translation.

We pride ourselves on our customer care. We guarantee that your questions will be answered, communication maintained and that you will find us to be accessible and focused on your needs.

Our fees

You do not have to pay any fees to EasySpain. The service is paid for from the fee we receive from the builder you finally select. This does not affect the cost of your project.