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The Best Olive Oils in the World Are Spanish

No matter how small or basic a restaurant or bar in Spain may be, its tables will always be waiting for you with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil as well as salt and pepper and vinegar. Olive oil is essential to Spanish cuisine. Its smell, taste and texture are intrinsic components of the [...]

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Five Reservoirs to Visit in the Alicante Province

We’re all guilty of thinking that we have to go further afield to have a great day out. When, in reality, there are many fabulous places to visit that are often much closer to home than we may have thought possible. So, if you love being outdoors, close to nature and would like to experience [...]

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Physical Exercise Improves the Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death due to any type of cancer in women. It is estimated that one in eight women will suffer from breast cancer at some stage in their life. Women who have breast cancer or have experienced breast cancer and have been treated for it continue to suffer from [...]

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Torrevieja’s Dique de Levante  

  The Dique de Levante is one of the most frequented and favoured locations within the city of Torrevieja by residents and tourists alike.  But for those unfamiliar with the name ‘Dique de Levante’, the picture might become clearer if we talk about the wooden promenade or breakwater. For anyone that has spent any time [...]

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