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A sport for everyone – padel

Ever wondered why people are playing tennis in a fish tank with strange-looking rackets? What you are watching isn’t in fact tennis, but is one of Spain’s most popular sports – padel. Padel is very similar to tennis. However, if you get frustrated about having to go and retrieve balls then this could be the [...]

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Finding your way round Spanish TV

If you want to improve your level of fluency in Spanish, watching Spanish television is a very good way of going about it. With the visual element to help you and the possibility of subtitles to assist, it can be a good stepping stone to fluency. And, of course, you get to find out what’s [...]

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Car hire in Spain 

What is important for you when it comes to care hire in Spain? Is the size, model and comfort of the car paramount, the ease of collection or the price the ruling factor? People differ in their preferences. There are those who would travel miles and back to pick up the cheapest car hire and [...]

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