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Do I need to apply for a Spanish driving licence?

Spanish driving licence That’s a question that many Europeans living in Spain have been asking for a very long time. It might seem a simple question but you can expect far from simple answers. Whether you must exchange your foreign driver’s licence for a Spanish licence has been discussed and debated, shared on forums and [...]

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Keeping your home safe in Spain 

Wherever you live in the world, burglary happens. Having your home broken into might not only mean the loss of valuable and irreplaceable items but it is an upsetting experience too. That said, not everyone takes the precautions they need to. If you’ve bought a property in another country you may not even know what [...]

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Complaints and compliments  – what do you think of Spain?

We happen to think that Spain is a brilliant country to have a holiday home or permanent residence in. Of course, we would say that! However tinted our spectacles might be, we are not blind to the difficulties there can be in home ownership here too. Many of these will be similar to the problems [...]

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