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Spain is good for your health

Why do people emigrate to Spain? Most people mention the weather, closely followed by good food and quality of life. The sun shining makes everyone feel better and more fresh air and a relaxed lifestyle definitely contribute to a sense of wellbeing. The Mediterranean diet has been well-documented over the years as having nutritional benefits. [...]

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Keeping warm in the Spanish winter

Should expats be entitled to a heating allowance if they retire to Spain? It’s a long running debate that is guaranteed to raise temperatures. For those who aren’t regulars to Spain, the Spanish winter is visualised as no different from the Spanish summer. After all, Spain is hot. Isn’t it? Those who have spent time [...]

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5 reasons why you should have a keyholder

You have a property on the Costa Blanca. Lucky you. Having a second home abroad is the dream of many and a luxury for a few. However, as with everything valuable, it needs looking after. Have you thought? What happens if there is a water leak? What happens if there is a break in? What [...]

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Enjoying Christmas in Spain

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to Christmas? In many countries, Christmas has become a hurdle to overcome rather than a celebration to enjoy. Starting in October, the hype begins with shops decorated from top to tail in tinsel and long, sickly TV adverts pulling at your heart strings. If you are [...]

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