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Act like a digital native in Spain

My son asked me recently, ‘How did you ever make arrangements with your friends when you were young without mobile messaging?’ It took me some time to think, given that we are talking a number of years ago. However, it was quite simple. You made arrangements before you went home for the next time you’d [...]

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How to complain in Spain

  Hopefully you will never have need to. However, chances are that at some point during your time in Spain you will be unhappy with some aspect of service, some goods you have bought or perhaps will be at the receiving end of a criminal offence. The good news is that the routes for complaint [...]

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5 steps to renting out property in Spain

5 steps to renting out property in Spain Do you rent out your house in Spain or have you ever considered it as an option? Some people buy Spanish property specifically to rent it out and get a return on their investment. Others come to the decision due to changing personal circumstances. Whichever route you [...]

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Driving legally in Spain

Driving legally in Spain If you are a regular visitor or live in Spain, chances are you drive whilst you’re over here. Having access to your own transport can enhance your experience. Some people are proficient at making good use of public transport and find their way all over the country using only trains and [...]

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