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Scam alert!

Scams, phishing, trolls. All language of the internet and all reminders of how it might have provided us with more opportunities but it’s also increased the threats.  Scams have always existed but never in as much abundance. The ways they think of confusing, beguiling and defrauding us are legion. Approaches taken vary from frightening us, [...]

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How to behave in Spain

How to behave in Spain ‘Behave yourself’, ‘he just doesn’t know how to behave’, ‘what kind of behaviour do you call that?’. We’ve probably seen a fair share of erratic behaviour from children (and adults) during the barmy summer season. The heat combined with alcohol can make even a normally well-behaved individual qualify for an [...]

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Gota fria and the rain in Spain

Spain cannot be said to be a country of moderation.  Most things are done larger than life. Perhaps the level to which the Spanish seem to embrace life itself reflects the extremes of its climate. The summer heat can be unforgiving. The summer is harsh here, even though it’s enjoyed by those escaping the less [...]

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